Advancement in Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the science of future. Things we used to see in movies as little as 20 years ago are now becoming a reality and who know what more lies ahead. The concepts of “metahumans” are already being talked about across the scientific community. But what has happened recently in the world of biotech?

New advances

Advancement In Biotechnology

Blind people may not be forced to live in complete darkness for the rest of their lives. Bionic eyes are on the way, and it can change the lives of many. The eye works on the principle of camera-mounted glasses which send information wirelessly to the bionic eye itself (the implant). This technology is still in its beginning, but now patients have the ability to differentiate objects and detect light. Soon enough, full HD vision will be possible.

Advancement In Biotechnology

3D printers are marvelous things. They can be used not only to construct objects but tissue as well. Researchers at Cornell University created artificial body tissue from substances found in animal cartilage and collagen. Working organs are still far away, but lifelike replacements for noses, ears and other similar parts of the body are around the corner. Also, these artificial organs play a great role for educational purposes because they can portray real organs very accurately.

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