Advancement in Medicine

Medical technology has almost no limits when it comes to application to the human body. Just remember the path we traveled from a stethoscope to an MRI device and from tooth worms to laser teeth whitening. New advances in medicine happen almost every month, and each year there are exciting new breakthroughs. Here are some from the last year.

New advancements

Supercomputers now participate in cancer diagnostics, together with oncologists. IBM is working on computers and algorithms which can diagnose illnesses more efficiently and for a fraction of a cost. Smart software help radiologists to focus on most important patients while the computer tackles hundreds of radiology images per day.

Fibretronics are materials we can wear, but we can also call them smart. They have microchips embedded into them. These chips can then gather information about our body and our behavior, which can have many utilizations.

3D bioprinting is a promising technology which could potentially erase the need for donor organs. Liver tissue was successfully printed recently, and now scientists say that we are about 5 or 6 years away from a fully functioning organ ready for transplantation. Of course, the tissue we have now has so many purposes: analyzing the effects of drugs and toxins, for example.