Global Lab For Innovation

Innovation is everywhere around us; we just need to develop and entice it. We urge educated and creative people to employ their abilities, so new and advanced methods of health and dental care can be discovered. The main goal, is to create cost-effective results, results which will not cause a heavy burden on already burdened economies of the developed and the developing world.

Global Lab For InnovationFor example, one of the ways health care can be brought to a higher level is digital therapeutics. Innovations in this area can lead to revolutionary, almost paradigmatic changes. This area of therapeutic science can provide effective, but low-cost methods to prevent, diagnose and treat many illnesses, especially chronic diseases. Technology can make a difference here because it allows us to come up with solutions which have the same effect as a drug. Simple (by modern standards), consumer-grade tech can be applied to great effects. Mobile phones, sensors you can wear, and other gadgets have a crucial role in providing the data needed. This data can then be analyzed and delivered through apps and web browsers, in real time.

Specific applications of digital healthcare include AI-driven mobile phone applications which keep an eye on patient activity. A complete, 24-hour monitoring system takes care that the patient does not, for example, miss to drink his pills while also monitoring the effects the pills produce. It is thanks to embedded sensors in the pills themselves which allow for precise information to reach the doctors. Think of an asthma inhaler with the ability to check on the ambient air quality and set the dosage of the medication accordingly, while instantly sending all the information to the doctor in charge.

Global Lab For Innovation

Most of the new methods and devices will come from interdisciplinary cooperation, which we see in major universities and research institutes. But keep in mind that ideas we need can come from a single person. Sometimes all it takes is a little, initial push and an idea becomes a concept, a concept a prototype, a prototype a solution.

As you can see, ideas are all around us. Technology is developing at a lightning speed, and healthcare can truly benefit from that. We would like to motivate all the scientists and researchers around the globe to participate in our initiative. Our doors are open to anyone who is an innovator, an inventor, a creator.