Advancement in Healthcare

2016 has seen major achievements in healthcare, and we expect this trend to continue in 2017. More and more funding has been redirected into the healthcare sector, mainly because the population of the western, developed world is getting older. Here are some of the major breakthroughs in the healthcare sector which came in 2016.

New discoveries

MSUs can now use special ambulance cars fitted with equipment for field blood tests, CT scans, and TPA tests. It can all now be done before the patient is brought to the hospital. One of the key breakthroughs can be the rapid development of robotic surgery where experts predict a revolution.

Advancement In Healthcare

The proliferation of smartphones brought about a proliferation of applications of all sorts. Wellness apps are now common, and medicine can now go hand in hand with this technology. Namely, wireless wearable sensors can monitor all the important medical data and send it straight to the doctor in charge, which can seriously upgrade treatment of chronic conditions.

Advancement In Healthcare

New pacemakers which are only 10% of the size of previous models and designed to work in only one heart chamber can truly make a difference, but the downside is they only work with about 15% of the patients in need of a pacemaker.

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